Reasons To Consider A Public Relations Manager For Your Business

When you run a business, image is virtually everything. If your business develops a bad reputation for whatever reason, it can greatly damage your company's ability to compete and function in the business world. However, even knowing this, you may not be sure what you can or should do to maintain your business image or reputation. One of the steps that you might want to take is hiring a public relations manager.

How To Turn A Photo Into An Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered shirts are a great way to make your employees stand out of the crowd and show that they work for your company. However, simple text is sometimes not recognizable enough on its own. You might want to use part of your store's trademark or other image associated with your brand as part of the embroidery design. This can be difficult because your embroidery company might not be willing to do the transfer from photo to pattern themselves and might require that you do it ahead of time.