How To Turn A Photo Into An Embroidery Pattern

Embroidered shirts are a great way to make your employees stand out of the crowd and show that they work for your company. However, simple text is sometimes not recognizable enough on its own. You might want to use part of your store's trademark or other image associated with your brand as part of the embroidery design. This can be difficult because your embroidery company might not be willing to do the transfer from photo to pattern themselves and might require that you do it ahead of time. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to turn a photo into an embroidery pattern.

1. Run the Picture Through a Filter

The first step is to upload your photo to the computer and open it with the photo editing software of your choice. Practically any photo editing software will have a filter that you can run your photo through that will identify the basic lines of its form and get rid of everything else, including shading. Run your photo through this "tracing" filter. You will be left with the outline of the object that the photo contained. For better results, you are going to want to use a photo that has a higher resolution. If you have a specific object that you want turned into embroidery, you might want to set this object on a white background for the best possible results.

2. Make the Pattern

One way that embroidery is commonly done is by stitching directly over a piece of paper that contains the image. If your company functions this way, then you are going to want to take a thin piece of paper, such as tracing paper, and put the image on that. To do this, open up the image on a laptop screen. Angle the screen so that the screen part is close to you. Place the tracing paper over the image and begin to trace it with a pencil. Don't put a ton of pressure on the paper to avoid damaging your laptop. The laptop is acting as a light box. Once you are finished, send the image into the embroidery company to make sure that it is acceptable.

If your embroidery company will need to transfer the image onto the cloth itself, print out your image on a piece of carbon paper. The carbon paper, when traced, will transfer the image to the fabric immediately.

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